Are you wanting to watch Horse & Country videos on your TV, but don't have a compatible Smart TV or set-top box? Don't worry - you may be able to do this using your iOS or Android mobile app (or tablet).

To watch videos from your mobile apps on your TV, you can make use of H&C's Chromecast feature - this effectively turns your app into a remote control for your TV!

Chromecast is a streaming stick from Google - and some TVs even have Chromecast functionality "built in" (here's a list of supported TV's). If your TV isn't supported, you will need to purchase an affordable Chromecast device so that you can stream videos (called "casting") to your TV.

How to stream (or cast) to your TV

  1. Make sure Chromecast is correctly configured on your TV
  2. Select the "Cast" icon in the mobile app
  3. Choose which device you'd like to "cast" to (i.e. the name of your TV)
  4. Select a video to play - it should then display on your TV
  5. Choose and play other videos on your TV, using the app

For more information on setting up Chromecast, please refer to the Google guide.

Things to keep in mind

  • Only videos will display on your TV
  • This is not the same as Apple's Airplay (which offers different features, only on iOS devices)
  • Do not use Airplay's Screen Mirroring feature - as this will cause videos to play sideways (i.e. rotated 90°) on your TV